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In the recent past and more so in 2018, many people visit different website pages, but very few know about activities happening on these pages. Such activities include the presence of squeeze pages. A squeeze page refers to a landing page, usually designed with the aim of capturing opt-in-email addresses of intended subscribers. A squeeze page is meant to convince its visitors to give at least one of their most demanded details, and coveted parts of their personal information.

These pages are meant to convert visitors to customers, with the aim of making them do things that the page creator has determined, for example, buying a particular product. With the increased competition in the market, there comes a need for one to create a page that is more striking and persuasive and adapted to one’s form of business. To create a squeeze page, we recommended using a tool like ClickFunnels.

Squeeze page examples on clickfunnels

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Some basic tools to the creation of the squeeze pages include:

• The click: This refers to an advertisement or email that the user will click on to access the created page.

• The arrival: At this moment, the user is on the site, ready to start consuming the content that one had advertised on the email or the advertisement.

• Consumption: At this moment, the user is already consuming the information that had made him a link on the advertisement or email to visit the page.

• The interruption: at this stage, the squeeze page will show up, and this will force the site visitor to decide on whether to convert on offer provided or click out and resume to his or her content. However, on Facebook, this step is usually eliminated from the process.

On Facebook, one has no authority to select a default landing page for his or her Facebook campaigns. This implies that a squeeze page for Facebook will be nested under a custom tab below of creator’s cover photo. One need not only to convince fans to convert onto the squeeze page but will first have to drive them to the page by how one names his or her squeeze page. As such, one can name his or her squeeze page “join my list.” What is really tested in a squeeze page is whether the headline is focused, as well as whether the offer is strong by ensuring that the offers are only available at that site alone. Consider having a look at the squeeze page examples out there and get acquainted with creating one.

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