What You Can Learn From Great Squeeze Page Examples

Email marketing is still the top marketing tool when selling online. Even in 2018, it converts more than any other tool. This may come as a surprise when you consider the popularity of social media. It just goes to show that social media is great for interaction and entertainment, but true connection where it counts still happens on email.

That’s why you should be leveraging the power of squeeze pages. Squeeze pages and landing pages can be used interchangeably, and refer to the page you use to bait visitors into giving you their email address. Typically, you must give them a gift in exchange for their email address. There’s a lot you can learn from great squeeze pages.

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Below are some guidelines from some of the best squeeze page examples. Use them to increase conversions on your next landing page:


1. Make your gift to the new contact count.

Put thought and effort into the giveaway, taking care to ensure it offers value. If you impress him/her with your gift, the user will want to stick around and see what else you have in store.


2. Keep the form short.

Users are more likely to leave a squeeze page if the form fields they have to fill are too many. Use as few fields as possible. The aim should be to capture only the most necessary information.
While at it, ensure that the field for the email address is prominently displayed. If visitors don’t recognize it immediately, they may leave the page.


3. Include testimonials

People like to see who else has used the product. Additionally, user testimonials boost your credibility. There is a phenomenon known as “social proof” that encourages people to take action when they see other’s also taking action, even if they don’t know them!

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4. Keep the design simple and attractive

Don’t put too much information on your squeeze page. Use an attractive color combination and an easy-to-read font.  Your squeeze page should not look busy as this is distracting to the user. ClickFunnels is a great option for desigining beautiful, yet simple squeeze pages. Try it free using the button below…

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